Engine Compatibility

Engine Compatibility

Engine Compatibility

Special Formulations

Solve-M marine coolants are specifically formulated to be compatible with different marine engines.

The metallurgy in engines can vary slightly so SOLVE-M marine coolants are tailored to each specific engine type. And to enable full compatibility we use the same dyes as the OEMs, allowing you to top up your engine as well as effecting a complete coolant change.

All Solve-M coolants are ethylene glycol based. They are all sold as a 50/50 premixed, ready to use solution and contain a bittering agent (BITREX) as standard.

Solve-M Marine Coolants 5L bottles

Manufactured in the United Kingdom


If you are interested in becoming one of our distributors for this exciting range of coolants, please send an email to: marinecoolants@solventis.net