About us

About us

About us

The Solventis Group

The Solventis Group is one of the largest producers of coolants in Europe.

Established in 2002, Solventis supplies high quality coolants to a wide range of customers in Europe. With European production plants in Antwerp, Belgium and Scunthorpe UK, we are the major supplier of coolants to the aftermarket in Europe.

Laboratory glassware with colourful marine coolants
  • Solventis Marine Coolants Blending Plant
  • Solventis plant

Research & Development

Using our extensive laboratory and R&D facilities we have designed and created a sophisticated range of corrosion inhibitors which meet the requirements of the major engine manufacturers.

From a standard aftermarket coolant to an OEM grade, we cover the whole spectrum of coolant and antifreeze technology. Our products go into automotive, motorcycle and marine applications.

Solventis laboratory Solventis laboratory technician


If you are interested in becoming one of our distributors for this exciting range of coolants, please send an email to: marinecoolants@solventis.net